Assisi Animal Health will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday from Thurs 11/23 thru Sun 11/26.

We are grateful for our Assisi family!

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Expert interview with holistic veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter

Dr. Gary Richter, MS, DVM, is an holistic veterinarian practicing in Oakland, California and has recently won his second Best Veterinarian in the East Bay award from Oakland Magaz…

Rapid Treatment of "Wobblers" in a Great Dane

"I've never seen anything like this before." Said Dr. Tim Crowe, Veterinarian at River Vet (Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals).  He was speaking about th…

Animal Assisted Therapy Helps Heal Recovering Cancer Patients

Animals are more than just "pets"--they are guards, companions, nurses, confidants,  partners and more. This week the Assisi Blog features a guest post from Kaitlyn Teabo, a write…