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Expert Interview with Dr. Judy Korman - Owner/Handler of Agility Champion Skyla

Dr. Judy Korman talks with Assisi Animal Health about choosing and training AKC Agility dogs, and how she uses the Assisi Loop to keep them pain-free.
Get the Loop Assisi Animal Health is excited to share our recent conversation with Dr. Judy Korman, VMD, MBA A.K.A. Judy Wiltsek. Dr. Korman graduated from the University of Penn…

The Assisi Loop - An Effective Tool to Keep Agility Dogs Healthy

Assisi Animal Health speaks with owner / handler Kevin Grudem about how he uses the Loop to keep his dog Kimi healthy and pain-free amid the rigorous demands of competitive agility.
Introduction by Dr. Michelle Herlihy, one of Kimi's veterinarians: In this day and age, I'm privileged and excited to say that half of my veterinary practice is based on canine s…

Assisi celebrates Agility Dogs in February!

For the month of February, Assisi celebrates agility dogs - and offers a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain management and healing solution for all the injuries a sport dog might face.
Get the Loop During the month of February, Assisi Animal Health celebrates the dog sport of Agility. In what is essentially a canine obstacle course, humans direct their dog thro…

Patient Spotlight: Treating muscle injury on agility dogs

Mila, an accomplished agility dog, injured herself three weeks before a big competition - and was brought back to health with the help of the Assisi Loop.
Get the Loop There are few things more thrilling than watching a dog fly through an agility course, and the fast-paced sport is exactly how trainer Shannon Malmberg and her dog M…