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Assisi's technology uses targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (tPEMF) to non-invasively deliver precisely defined electrical pulses to accelerate the body's own natural healing process. The newest generation of that technology is incorporated into the Assisi products for accelerating healing and effectively treating pain, inflammation, and its symptoms without drugs.

PEMF has been in use for a number of years in the healing of recalcitrant fractures with the widely used Bone Growth Stimulator, and with devices similar to ours in the treatment of soft-tissue injuries.

Ivivi Health Sciences, Assisi's parent company, is the leader in developing and targeting PEMF therapies and has medical devices that are FDA cleared for the post-operative treatment of pain and edema. Ivivi's extensive and on-going research has led to its singular knowledge of the mechanism of action related to inflammation, pain and edema and its effect on health.


This product is currently available through your veterinarian.

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