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Introducing the Assisi PortableTM - 150

Feb 05, 2013

assisi loopThank you to our valued customers for your feedback on the Assisi Portable Loop. Many of you have said that you would prefer a Loop that turns itself off after giving a treatment to your animals.  There are some of you -- though not many -- who use the automatic-mode to provide treatments according to the pre-programmed treatment regimen (treatment every 4 hours). However, for most of you, the automatic treatment mode is a hassle.

We heard you!

We have made some changes to the Assisi Portable taking advantage of some of the latest battery technology. We are pleased that the new Assisi PortableTM - 150 only has the manual mode.  You turn it on.  It treats for 15 minutes. It turns itself off -- until you want to provide the next treatment.

And the news gets better!  The new Assisi Portables are capable of providing MORE treatments -- about 150 15-minute treatments. This is 67% more treatments for the same low price.

To get 150 treatments from your Assisi Portable, please wait at least 2 hours between treatments. Treating more frequently will reduce the number of treatments from the device.

You can order the Assisi PortableTM - 150 from on-line store (for Veterinary Professionals only) or you can call us directly and we would be happy to help you. If you are a customer that prefers the post-surgical mode that automatically treats for 15 minutes every 2 hours, please let us know.  We will keep these in stock just for you.


The Assisi Team

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