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Patient Spotlight: Ginger and Maggie

Jul 09, 2013

The Assisi Loop is an excellent treatment for post-surgical pain and swelling.  Using the Loop 2-4 times per day following surgery will accelerate recovery and reduce the need for pain medications.  The Loop can also be used over a cast to treat traumatic injuries.  This is an excellent non-invasive, non-drug treatment option for pet owners to use in the comfort of their own home.


dispatcher.jpegGinger: Post-surgical Treatment

Meet Ginger.  She is a long-coat German Shepherd Dog.  One day while playing she tried to turn fast and she slide through some gravel.  She immediately started limping.  We took her to the vet.  Ginger had torn her ACL and needed surgery.  She had a great orthopedic surgeon who had worked with bone growth stimulators previously, so he loved the idea of using an Assisi Loop post-surgically.  In fact, he had the unit taped to her right after surgery.  When Ginger got home, we 'paid' our daughter 25 cents for each Assisi treatment she administered.  She would lay down with Ginger and hold the Assisi Loop in place.  It was great bonding time for them, as well.

Ginger was acting like her old self within 3 days and you wouldn't have known she'd had surgery, except for the "cone of shame." dispatcher111.jpeg

Our vet stated that she healed in half the usual time.  And she did this without any pain medication.  We were really lucky to have access to the Assisi Loops.  And we certainly knew what to expect when Ginger tore her other ACL two years later!






dispatcher222.jpegMaggie:Treating injuries

Meet Maggie, a Shetland Sheepdog.  Maggie was new to our home and she was just getting to know the living room and her new pack, a big German Shepherd (Ginger) and a couple of cats when we heard her yelp.  She walked out from under Ginger's coat and had her rear left paw in the air. 

We took her to the vet and she returned with a splint for her broken toes.  Maggie was in our house about 2 hours before she was accidentally stepped on by Ginger!  But you'd never know it bothered her. 

She received Assisi treatments at least 3 times a day and ran around like a puppy with a metallic 'tap, tap, tap" every time she set that paw on the floor.  She wore out her splint within about 10 days and she really didn't need it, even though the vet had recommended it for 3 weeks.  She healed very quickly and without any pain. dispatcher333.jpeg

To learn more about treating animals following surgery or traumatic injuries, take a look through our pain relief and pet care categories. 





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