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The Assisi Loop Helps a Bearded Dragon With Poor Circulation

After years of suffering from a over-shedding tail, the Assisi Loop provides relief for Piraka the lizard.
Get the Loop Piraka, a 13-year-old bearded dragon, has suffered from lifelong poor circulation in her tail. Due to the poor circulation, Piraka’s tail experiences extreme sheddin…

The Assisi Loop helps heal a Tiger Shark

The Minnesota Zoo uses the Assisi Loop to treat a non-healing wound on the tail of a tiger shark.
Get the Loop For many animals, especially exotic animals, treating pain and wounds can be a challenge. In this particular case, a zebra shark from the Minnesota Zoo had a se…

A Look at Exotics with Dr. Bob Ness

Dr. Bob Ness of Ness Exotic Wellness Center in Lisle, IL talks about his practice and his use of the Assisi Loop.
Get the Loop Dr. Bob Ness of Ness Exotic Wellness Center in Lisle, IL has seen some pretty dramatic results with the Assisi Loop, and was kind enough to talk to us about it, …

Cockatiel Regains Ability to Fly After Using the Assisi Loop

Dr. Robert Ness of Illinois discusses the case of Daji, a 30-year-old cockatiel who regained the ability to fly after using the Assisi Loop.
Get the Loop The average age for a pet Cockatiel is 15-20 years, so that Daji hit age 30 is impressive in and of itself. The bird began showing signs of old age, however, and was…