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Help Heal Your Animal

To make your experience with the Assisi Loop® even easier, here are some reference tools to help the healing process. If you have a more detailed question or need assistance, please contact us or call (866) 830-7342.

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The Assisi Loop Clinical Use Guide has been developed to assist veterinary professionals in making detailed treatment recommendations to their clients for best therapeutic results. The Clinical Use Guide was developed by a team of experienced veterinary clinicians, including Laurie McCauley, DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA, CVC, Deirdre Chiaramonte, DVM, ACVIM, CCRT, CVA, CERP and Judy Korman, VMD, MBA.

Using the Assisi Loop Clinical Use Guide, your veterinary professional will be able to devise the ideal treatment protocol for your companion animal based on their condition specific needs. The Assisi Loop Clinical Use Guide is a valuable tool that will help guide your veterinary professional in terms of technology, the therapeutic benefits, and the therapeutic applications of the Assisi Loop and our companion products. It offers over 40 step-by-step, illustrated protocols for applying the Loop to almost 300 inflammatory conditions affecting different parts of dogs' and cats' anatomy. Assisi vets utilize the Clinical Use Guide via our website or via a downloaded app on Apple/Android to device the most impactful treatment plan for your pet. Once found, the applicable protocol can be downloaded in PDF form as needed.

Tracking Sheet

Use this sheet to help track treatments and identify when it is time to order your next Loop.


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Assisi Loop Tracking Sheet


Loop Disposal

For responsible disposal: When your Assisi Loop reaches the end of its battery life, please dispose of the Loop by taking it to any electronics recycling facility that will accept lithium batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am ready to get started. What should our treatment schedule be?

As a part of your animal’s Circle of Care, your veterinary professional has access to our Clinical Use Guide with over 40 treatment protocols for almost 300 canine and feline diagnoses and clinical applications. Please ask them for specific treatment recommendations before treating your animal.

What part of the Loop is actually treating my pet?

treatment-field.jpgThe treatment field emits from the coil, or in other words, the ‘loop’ of the device. The treatment field fills the area of the Loop itself and extends on both sides, as illustrated. For a 10cm (4 inch) Loop, the treatment field extends 6-7cm (2.5-3 inches) from both sides. For a 20cm (7.5 inch) Loop, the treatment field extends from 13-14cm (4.5-5 inches) on both sides. In short, the treatment depth is about 2/3 the diameter of the coil, extending out on either side.

The position of the battery pack has no effect on treatment. Simply center the Loop over the area of the condition for optimum positioning.

How do I make sure it stays in place?

Keeping your pet in your lap or in a contained area can be helpful in ensuring the full treatment is completed. If you feel you may not have the time or availability to supervise your pet, consider purchasing the Assisi LOOP-AID, an accessory for the Assisi Loop that was designed to assist with compliance of veterinary instructions, provide convenience for the pet owner, and enhance mobility for the pet during treatment. Learn more about the LOOP-AID here.

Please note that if you plan to use a metal crate for treatment, the metal can diminish the impact of the treatment. While it is not dangerous, it will reduce the dose received.  A crate that has a wide wire mesh will not reduce dosing significantly, but a solid metal piece could.  Arranging the treatment in the crate so the Loop is on top of the pet, rather than against the crate and pet will reduce any interference.  You may want to add an additional session to compensate for any reduced efficacy. Similarly, using the Loop over a metal implant, in a bed with metal coils, or metal brace will not cause any harm, although it may reduce the dose the pet receives.

If possible, position the Loop so that it is at a 45° angle from the metallic implant or If in a metal crate, 4-5 inches from the metal, as possible.  You may choose to place a thick pad in the kennel or on the bed to allow for this distance.

Can I still give my pet his daily medications, acupuncture, or laser treatments?

Yes! The Assisi Loop is an ideal adjunct therapy, meaning it can be used with other forms of treatment – even the very same day. However, given that the Loop and other treatment options have different mechanisms of action, we recommend that you allow 2 hours between treatments so your pet receives the full benefit of each modality.

How long will the Loop last?

The Assisi Loop 2.0 Manual offers a minimum of 150 15-minute treatments.

The Assisi Loop 2.0 Auto-Cycle offers a minimum of 100 15-minute treatments.

The life of the Loop depends on the battery. You’re likely to get more than the minimum number of treatments noted above if you allow the Loop to recharge for 2 hours after every 15-minute treatment. At this time, there is no way to recharge or replace the battery. One Assisi Loop can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on the condition being treated and the number of treatments required per day.

Will my pet feel anything?

The Assisi Loop can markedly increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which improves the overall tissue health and reduces pain associated with inflammation. We often hear reports from pet owners that their animal relaxes as soon as they start their treatments with the Loop. With the many healing benefits that the Loop offers, this is not surprising.

Some animals will notice the increased blood flow because with increased circulation there is often a warming or tingling sensation. This is subtle, however, and many animals won't appear to react at all. There have been some reports of twitching as a physical reaction to the tPEMF™ therapy. This is very rare and is most likely to occur with animals that have had some type of long-term degenerative or chronic condition. Their condition may have resulted in extreme ischemia--a decrease in the blood supply to a bodily organ, tissue, or part caused by constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels. If the area is ischemic, then the introduction of increased blood flow may cause a reaction in the body such as feeling of warmth, tingling and, in extreme cases, twitching.

As such, we generally recommend that you reduce the treatment duration to 5 minutes rather than 15 if your pet seems to be sensitive to the Loop. Continue at the reduced duration until the twitching is gone and the area has assimilated to the increased blood flow.

Why can’t the battery be recharged or replaced?

There is a medical and a regulatory basis for the Loop’s sealed case. As a condition for clearing the Loop as a medical device, the FDA required that it be able to deliver its patented, therapeutic waveform consistently over its entire design life of 150 treatments. Sealing all of its operating components inside the case—the applicator connections to the circuit board, signal generator, microprocessor, power supply and the battery—provided the FDA with the required assurance of signal integrity. Breaking the case seal for any reason renders the device non-compliant with the conditions of its 510(k) Clearance. 

I have a problem with my Loop. What should I do?

Assisi Animal Health guarantees the quality of its products. If you believe your Loop has a factory defect, please call our offices at 866-830-7342. If the Loop is defective, we will gladly replace it at no cost.

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