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Bring the Healing Home With the Assisi Loop®!


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Get the most from your vet visit by asking for the Assisi Loop's in-home treatment. The Loop removes the anxiety of travel and provides your cat with a non-pharmaceutical healing option in the comfort of your home.

Cats, by nature, are masters at hiding pain. They can be very hard to read when it comes to pain and illness, and most cats are drug intolerant.  Assisi Animal Health is committed to helping you recognize pain and providing you with an effective, non-invasive treatment option. 

Cat owners turn to the Loop to assist in their pet’s recovery and to continue the healing at home.


How To Get The Loop

The Assisi Loop is a prescription-only pain and inflammation management solution used at home under your vet's supervision. To get the Loop:

pencil-icon.png Fill out the form above to have information about the Assisi Loop sent to you for your next visit.

Visit your vet for a diagnosis and an Assisi Loop prescription.

Bring the healing home and treat your cat where they are most comfortable.